This course encompasses the marketing of funerals service and products.  It entails how a funeral service professional will endear himself to the hearts of the general public, especially his or her clients, that is the bereaved family(ies). The following are the area expected to be covered in this course: Identify funeral service to facilitate communications with colleagues, sales representatives and the public; effective human resources policies; marketing approaches appropriate for funeral service; component parts of funeral merchandise including materials used, styles, finishes, dimensions and functions; conceptual and practical knowledge of factors and strategies for determining the firm's product mix; method of price determination and price quotation; effective methods of merchandise display.

Funeral service merchandise is a very interesting subject to study, because the services and products we market are not what many people want to buy. That reminds me of a scenario that happened at a funeral. After the internment, the son of the deceased took a microphone and appreciated everyone, telling them; thank you for coming to identify with us at this time crucial time. I will implore everyone not to bother to wait for any reception, because the family is still grieving. Once again, thank you for coming, I cannot loose my mother and still loose my money! Was he right? Oh yes! This irony of life is associated with funeral service industry. You are in business when they are grieving! Therefore it is a difficult task unless you do the following:

1. Display empathy. Let them see that you care.

2. Demonstrate professionalism. Present every product and service to your customer as a need.

3. Treat the body of their departed one with dignity.