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This course is designed to equip the student with entrepreneurial skills acquisition and development. It is expected that student will take active interest in at least one arear of entrepreneurial activities before graduation. it would further expose students to selected industrial setup for exposure, experience and expertise needed to establish his/her own venture.
Microbiology is a study of minute organisms which are too tiny to be seen or visible to the naked eyes unless with the aid of microscope.

This Course, however, is 2 units,30hours
contact hours.15 hours will be physical contact and interactions btw the Lecturer and the students, while the remaining hours will be dedicated to online Learning ,Assesments,Lecture notes,Quizes and Tests as the case may be.
This is an introductory course for the Health Information Management {PD, i.e. Professional Diploma} students. You are welcome on board to GNS 101.
This is an introductory course in the Use of English and Library Studies for the Health Information Management {ND, i.e. National Diploma} students. You are welcome on board to GNS 101.

Environmental microbiology is the study of how microbes interact with the environment and each other, including their effects on the landscape, the spread of viruses and bacteria, the distribution of algae, fungi and parasitical organisms and the associated implications for human health and the environment.

This course is a follow-up to Use of English I. This course provides communication skills training for the health workers-in-training to develop their interpersonal skills and build rapport with others in the workplace. The training covers effective communication strategies to enhance understanding, verbal communication with others, report writing skills, logical argument and coherence in public presentation and other 21st century soft skills such as ability to identify fake news, phishing and modern day work ethics. T